Welcome to MHOUSE MEWS — a list of some important stories in NFTs, Web3 and crypto generally. This piece is designed as an introduction to the concept — what it is, who it is for and when to expect it.


The pace of innovation in the world of NFTs, Web3 and crypto is approaching light speed. New projects, new applications and sometimes it seems like potential new industries are appearing on a daily basis. It is also a space very prone to hype, exaggeration and shills!

It has become very difficult to keep up with everything happening and filtering out the noise from the alpha can be a full time job. MEWS aims to filter out the noise and present some of the more important stories. A way to keep up to date on this exciting space with minimal time investment. We do not personally create these stories, but we do provide an initial BS filter to ensure our members are getting good information with minimal effort.


We collect and share a list of MEWS articles (almost) every day and share with our members on Discord. If you are a member, click the newspaper icon in our MEWSPAPER channel and you will get a notification when it is published daily.

Once a week at the weekend, we collect all the stories from the previous week and publish them here on Medium. MHOUSE members and mailing list subscribers receive a weekly email with a link to the Medium article.


We collect a summary of selected stories from the world of NFTs, Web3 and crypto and share these with in our members Discord server. Most are from external sources. Some are from news services, some from Twitter accounts, some from journalists. We have no particular criteria apart from the fact it needs to be interesting, informative and pass our BS detectors.

Def1nft (who leads MEWS right now) and the team at MHOUSE have a pretty good judge of this industry and good journalism. So while we do not fact-check everything we share (which would literally be impossible), we personally select everything and never knowingly share sensationalism, obvious shills or pieces of questionable integrity.

That said, we present them “as is”. A headline, a link and a one/two sentence summary to let you decide whether or not you want to click and read further. They are yours to read and do with as you wish. Sometimes we will provide some commentary or opinion in advance. If we do, our opinions are our opinions and of course do not constitute any endorsements or financial advice of any kind.


Some of the stories we collect are big pieces that affect the industry, some are more niche and interesting, some cover new NFT drops or alpha from our members. Almost all focus in some way on our values — integrity and innovation in the Web3 and NFT space.

Right now they fall into four main categories but this will almost certainly change and evolve to suit our members and the development of the industry.


Daily MEWS is for MHOUSE members only. A weekly roundup however will be available to the public here on Medium for everybody to enjoy. We will also create a mailing list for non-members to receive this weekly Medium article in their inbox every weekend.


MEWS is is intended as a service to our busy MHOUSE members who are by definition (aspiring) Web3 and NFT innovators. Not everybody can follow everything in this industry, so we hope that on a daily basis in Discord and once a week on Medium, this is a useful resource for you to scan the big stories and catch up on the most important news.

If like us you eat, sleep and breath NFTs, Web3 and crypto… then many of these stories may already be familiar to you from your Discord, Twitter and other information channels. But we hope there are still a few interesting stories you may not otherwise have seen.

We encourage our members to provide feedback via the MEWSPAPER channel in our Discord if you you have any suggestions that can help us improve MEWS. If it brings you some enjoyment or value, please also share that with us… encouragement never hurts!


Information is so important and we have access to a lot, we feel it is a good service to provide it to our members. However we are not now a media service per se. For now we are happy to aggregate information and provide an immediate filter to make sure it is ethical good quality. We may expand this in the future and are open to any suggestions or proposals from journalists or media organisations.


MHOUSE is the online members club for (aspiring) NFT and Web3 innovators.

We believe everybody should have access to the resources they need to participate in the web3 revolution.

Our mission is to create a scalable hub to connect web3 innovators with the resources they require to succeed.

Our members include creatives, artists, Web3 developers, entrepreneurs, investors and NFT collectors.

To be considered for membership, visit our website.





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