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Welcome back to our weekly roundup of MHOUSE MEWS. Every day we publish a hand-picked selection of some of the important stories in Web3, NFTs and crypto and share with our members in Discord. Once a week we put it all together into this weekly roundup. We hope you enjoy!


MHOUSE Member’s Bartek Fancy Bear Metaverse Reveal
The sold-out PFP collection reveals the artwork

NFT marketplace LooksRare goes live with vampire attack on OpenSea
An upstart NFT platform called LooksRare has gone live today, as more marketplaces continue to crop up to try to take on market leader OpenSea. LooksRare claims to be a community-focused marketplace that will develop new features based on what its users want.

NFT Technology Used to Auction Mansion with Virtual Counterpart in The Sandbox
ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is teaming up with Voxel Architects and NFT collector Gabe Sierra to introduce the world to the first-ever MetaReal Mansion, a project which will see the sale of a mansion which includes a virtual counterpart in The Sandbox metaverse. The two-part project is set to be auctioned off in 2022 at a yet-to-be disclosed…

5 NFT marketplaces that could topple OpenSea in 2022
OpenSea surged as the reigning NFT marketplace in 2021 despite community criticism. Here are five rivals that could potentially top it in 2022.

Reports Tease Info on GameStop’s Upcoming NFT Marketplace
WallStreetBets plaything and occasional video game rental service, GameStop, is in the news once again. Reports have revealed plans for its gamer-focused NFT marketplace. Following months of speculation, the one-time toppler of hedge funds is realizing its crypto ambitions. Determined not to go all Blockbuster, it has assembled a 20 strong team focused…

Metaverse Explorer: Exploring the OpenSea Gallery in Decentraland
If you enjoy NFTs, art and the color blue, I got the perfect spot for you. OpenSea, one of the most successful NFT marketplaces, recently opened an art gallery in Decentraland at -88, 68. The gallery is located on the Southwest side of Vegas City towards the upper left corner of the entire map. The gallery is near the Chateau Santoshi Casino and NFT…

NFT marketplace OpenSea kicks off the new year with strong volumes
NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen very strong trading volumes so far this month. A frenzy that, at this pace, puts it on track to set a new monthly record. According to The Block’s Data Dashboard, NFT trading on OpenSea in January has already exceeded $1.36 billion — just 10 days in.

Mike Shinoda Claps Back at the NFT Haters in the Gaming Community
Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has a message for NFT haters in the gaming community! He tweeted, “I’m surprised by so much negative sentiment by gamers about NFTs. Can we chat?” He then laid down his insights and counterarguments, expressing his support for NFTs. Real Saturday convo. I’m surprised by so much negative sentiment by gamers about NFTs.

The Associated Press is launching an NFT marketplace for photography
The Associated Press, the leading global news wire service, is looking to non-fungible tokens to monetize its photojournalism. Per a January 10 announcement from the AP, the NFT marketplace will go live on January 31. Blockchain-as-a-service firm Xooa has built out the marketplace, minting the NFTs on Polygon (formerly Matic), an Ethereum-tied network…

Job Of A Lifetime?
Wu Tang Album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” to be released by PleasrDAO… looking for a DAO leader. Send your resumé

Robert De Niro NFT Changes Expression with the Real-Time Price of Ether
Hollywood Icon Robert De Niro is the face of LIT DAO’s Motion NFT Collection! It features black and white digital images of the two-time Oscar winner’s face moving and reacting to the price of Ether real-time. This unique NFT offering aims to show the dynamic interplay between market volatility and emotional volatility. Robert De Niro is the face of…

NFT aggregator Flip raises $6.5 million in seed funding
NFT marketplace aggregator Flip, co-founded by UpOnly podcast host Brian Krogsgard (aka Ledger Status), has raised $6.5 million in a seed funding round. The round was led by co-led by Distributed Global and Chapter One, with participation from CMS Holdings, NFT artist PplPleasr (aka Emily Yang), Keyboard Monkey, DeeZe, and Larry Cermak, VP of research…

Macro-driven crypto plunge spares NFT floor prices
Wall Street’s love affair with high-flying tech stocks and cryptocurrencies has fizzled as anxieties about monetary tightening from the US Federal Reserve adds uncertainty to the market, but one of the riskiest and most nascent corners of the crypto space has been relatively spared. Minutes from the Federal Reserve’s December 14–15 meeting that indicated…

NFT Top Tweets #13
1. Lamborghini to launch NFT collectionDo you copy? We’re about to launch. #Lamborghini #ToTheMoon — Lamborghini (@Lamborghini) January 4, 2022 2. Yuga Labs thread on what’s coming in 2022A little a bit about us to start off the new year and what’s coming. :thread:1. What’s the inspiration behind the name Yuga Labs? We’re nerds…

Not your keys, not your NBA Top Shots — choose your NFT platform carefully
Dapper Labs’ popular NBA Top Shot non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace froze the account of a user whose handle is a reference to the professional basketball league’s fraught history with China.After submitting a photo of their passport in an attempt to cash out the account’s balance, a user with the name “FreeHongKong” was banned by Dapper’s support…

LooksRare Enters the Ring to Take on OpenSea
Dubbed by many as a potential OpenSea killer, the LooksRare NFT marketplace has finally landed on the blockchain. So, to celebrate this monumental occasion the team will airdrop $LOOKS tokens to the busiest NFT traders in the realm. For as long as most NFT devotees have traded, OpenSea has dominated the non-fungible landscape, as a consequence, far…

China literally cannot stop re-legalizing and re-ilegalizing crypto every 3 months
BSN is looking to innovate in the NFT space by exploring unmarked territory. China crypto laws will ban decentralization, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want an NFT ecosystem.

Fan Controlled Football raises $40M to expand league with Bored Apes and Gutter Cats
“One of the most powerful things that tokenization does is release the energy of fans into tangible forms of value and meaning, we see this effect in NFTs and also social tokens,” said Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu.

NFT Marketplaces Challenge OpenSea’s Grip with Multichains, Tokens and Party Bids
A bevy of NFT marketplaces are challenging OpenSea’s domination with a number of features.

Exclusive: OpenDAO Is Building an NFT Prediction Market and Bespoke Blockchain
OpenDAO’s founder told The Defiant the platform is building a blockchain and a prediction market for NFTs.

NFTs for Indian Sports movie, 83, sell out within an hour
The 83 NFT collection was swept off the market almost immediately after its launch on Social Swag. The Indian sports movie brings back memories of the 1983 Cricket World Cup in England, where India pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history.

Paris NFT Day announced as part of Paris Blockchain Week
Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) has announced Paris NFT Day, the largest European conference dedicated to NFTs with over 1500 attendees expected. Paris NFT Day will officially commence PBWS on April 12th, 2022 at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus.

Everything We Know About The ‘World’s First NFT Restaurant’ — Mashed
Everything We Know About The ‘World’s First NFT Restaurant’ Mashed

NFT Gallery Spaces Pop Up Worldwide: Check Out One Near You!
Back in March, rumor had it that Superchief, a New York-based contemporary art gallery, had opened an NFT-dedicated space. It was the first physical NFT gallery space in the world.

LooksRare NFT marketplace outdoes OpenSea’s volume with 20x less users
LooksRare NFT marketplace continues to turn heads as its trading volume leads the entire NFT market.

Worldwide Media Coverage For NFTs — January 2022
Welcome to the bi-weekly round up of the latest NFT news from around the world, where we gather the top NFT-related news that have been featured by major media outlets in the past two weeks, as well as the latest major social media posts.

Frahm Brings Metaverse-Friendly Frames to Enhance Your NFTs
These days collectors spend incredible sums acquiring digital art. Items can therefore change hands for millions of dollars, and nobody bats an eyelid.

On1 Force Nano Suits are announced, and the non-generative art is awesome
Popular NFT project, On1 Force have announced their plans of releasing Nano Suits as NFTs in 2022.

Nouns DAO voted YES to Feature Noun Glasses in the Super Bowl
Nouns DAO has spoken: Noun glasses are headed to the Super Bowl! NFT holders unanimously voted yes to the proposal to trade one Noun NFT in exchange for a “prominent beverage company including Noun glasses in a 2022 Super Bowl commercial” and more.


NFT marketplace OpenSea kicks off the new year with strong volumes
NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen very strong trading volumes so far this month. A frenzy that, at this pace, puts it on track to set a new monthly record. According to The Block’s Data Dashboard, NFT trading on OpenSea in January has already exceeded $1.36 billion — just 10 days in.

Doodles Takes the NFT World by Storm
While the wider crypto world weathers the latest downturn, the NFT side of operations appears to be enjoying itself. Floor prices are up, trading is through the roof, and on-boarders are getting more ETH for their dollar than they have done for months. One collection taking things particularly well is Doodles. Since late December, this unassuming collection…

Early NFT Collection CryptoSkulls Have a Revival After Their Recent Discovery
This month, the CryptoSkulls NFT collection joins the list of early projects endorsed by the 2022 community. Much like other ‘historical’ NFTs, these collectibles are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to NFT influencers’ endorsement. In fact, some of the biggest names in the industry showed their support for CryptoSkulls. From Gary Vaynerchuk to influencer…

Man who is not called Farokh sells expensive pictures of himself!
Indonesian College student Ghozali Ghozalo didn’t expect that his 1000 selfies would blow up to become a cult NFT Collection! He initially uploaded the images for $3 each on OpenSea and within two days, the NFTs reached almost 1 ETH each at peak. As of press time, the floor price of “Ghozali Everyday” has impressively settled down at 0.329 ETH or almost…

PhantaBear NFT is dubbed “Asia’s answer to the cryptoPunks”. Here’s why
In the last 24 hours, no NFT project has done better than PhantaBear. This new NFT collection only launched on January 1st, and now thanks to some unique endorsements, it is topping the OpenSea Charts. In fact, as it stands, the price of a PhantaBear NFT now stands at over ten times the mint price of .26 ETH. Could we be witnessing the rise of…

Candy Digital launches marketplace for Major League Baseball NFTs
Digital collectible company Candy Digital is launching its Secondary Marketplace that will allow users to buy and sell previously released officially licensed Major League Baseball NFTs starting January 15.

The Weekly Rundown — NFT Sales January 8–14 2022
The market started strong this year, and so did the drama on Crypto Twitter. New marketplace launches and possible washtrades are being performed daily. crypto market seems like it’s about to rebound. Gary Vee also had a spectacular launch of…


Obscura grants totaling $100k are awarded to a limited few NFT photographers
The average idea on an NFT is a pixelated piece of digital art. That originates from some of the pioneers like CryptoPunks. We have seen a mixture of different creative visionaries jump on the NFT stage to see what they can do with it. From musicians, writers and classically trained artists, the NFT community is hustling with a creative buzz. Obscura…

First Gold Medalist for skateboarding,Yuto Horigome, releases an NFT collection
2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics was historic for many reasons, from the Philippines receiving their first-ever gold medal to skateboarding finally being treated as a professional sport. There have been NFTs relating to skateboarding before, like the first-ever skateboard NFT collection, but not one quite like this. Horigome performing his signature trick-Nollie…

Gary Vee’s BOOK GAMES NFT collection provides exclusive benefits
Launching today on January 10th is the Gary Vee BOOK GAMES NFT project giving holders exclusive benefits. Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee, is one of the most influential people on Crypto Twitter. The Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Internet personality is well known for his love of NFTs. He is the owner of the popular NFT collection…

Hennessy’s First NFT Buys You a Rare Cognac and a VIP Visit to the Estate — Robb Report
Hennessy’s First NFT Buys You a Rare Cognac and a VIP Visit to the Estate Robb Report

Russian protest group Pussy Riot seeks to tackle gender inequality in the NFT space
The Russian punk rock collective Pussy Riot plans to launch a DAO that will be promoting LGBTQ+ and women artists.

First legend Ice Cube, then NAS, now akon — LFG music NFTs. Shoutout to famous_dyl
Individual of exceptional imagination and grand ambition, Akon, is no stranger to the wider crypto movement. Now, in his latest interview with Esquire, he revealed that all future music he creates will be released as NFTs. Reporters caught up with the enigmatic star following his keynote appearance at the “Proof of Fusion” event in Dubai, where he…

Did Ozzy know when he bit off a bat’s head on stage he would one day be owner of a digital art NFT collection that would bite virtual gorillas? Let’s hope not!
When Ozzy Osbourne’s CryptoBatz NFTs launched, he promised the digital assets will be compatible with other famous collectibles — CyberKongz included. Today, the ape project officially confirmed the collaboration on social media, much to the collectors’ excitement! CryptoBatz reveals one of the four successful NFT projects the bat NFTs will be able…

Immutable meets immortal — Blockchain has been attacked from all sides and yet in theory lasts forever. Somebody else that shouldn’t be here but is….. Keith Richards. This NFT has a long future.
Keith Richards’ first NFT will be auctioned off for charity

BAYC Toys On The Way in Collaboration with SUPERPLASTIC
The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has just announced that it will be releasing toys of its famous NFTs.

Lil’ Heroes NFT collection: Global music icon J Balvin among star collectors
Lil’ Heroes NFT collection is dropping this Sunday, and NFT fans couldn’t be more excited.

3D FrankenPunks NFT Project Overview
10,000 one-of-a-kind FrankenPunk Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Purchase FrankenPunks to get governance rights over CryptoPunks and access to a robust community wallet.


Developer of ‘The One’ California Mega-Mansion Wants to Tokenize the Property
One of the largest and most expensive homes in America has struggled to find an owner. Its developer hopes that going crypto can help.

Dogecoin creator slams Mozilla for pausing crypto donations
The creator of Dogecoin criticized Mozilla for supposedly making its decision based on feedback from the “ignorant, reactionary internet mob.”

Binance CEO Zhao Is Worth $96B Excluding Crypto Holdings
Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao is worth an estimated $96 billion, a figure that rivals tech billionaires Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, according to Bloomberg.Zhao’s net wealth has been estimated for the first time by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which concludes that it exceeds that of Asia’s richest person, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman…

Why you would want to read a smart contract

Green and gold: The crypto projects saving the planet
While the world argued about the ethics of crypto, these projects changed the world for the better during 2021.

Iran to allow crypto payments for international trade
Iran is reportedly looking to unlock opportunities for importers and exporters to use crypto in international deals.

LinksDAO NFT Prices Jump After Steph Curry Purchase
The new DAO raised $10 million in Ethereum to start off 2022.

Bitcoin and related investments now make up half of Bill Miller’s personal portfolio
In a recently released interview from December with WealthTrack, the billionaire Bill Miller says that over half of his personal wealth is in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related investments. “Bitcoin has gone up, on average, 170% every year for the past 11 years,” Miller said in the interview, citing that it has gone down by more than 80% three…

Bitcoin miner beats 1 in 1.3 million odds to mine a BTC block
A solo bitcoin (BTC) miner with only 126 terahashes per second (TH/s) of computing power has become the unlikely winner of a block race on the Bitcoin network. By successfully mining block 718,124, the lucky miner secured the 6.25 BTC block reward, which is about $260,000 at the current bitcoin price. With only 126 TH/s in computing power, the lucky…

Ethereum Burn Rate Hits Record High as DeFi Market Jumps
The ETH burn rate hit an all-time high.

Clothing retailer Gap launches NFT collection on Tezos
Fashion brand Gap has released its first collection of NFTs in collaboration with Brandon Sines, the artist behind Frank Ape. Through the gamified digital experience, customers can unlock the opportunity to buy digital art by Sines and a limited edition, physical Gap hoodie. “Gap has always been at the intersection of music, art and culture, so…

Rio de Janeiro mayor plans to invest 1% of the city’s treasury in crypto
Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro, intends to invest 1% of the city’s treasury reserves in cryptocurrency.

Mark Cuban and Robinhood’s CEO join $6 million round for high-yield investment app Seashell
Seashell, a startup building an investment app to offer high yields, has raised $6 million in a seed funding round.

NEAR raises $150 million as it looks to become a hub of web3 development
The NEAR Foundation has closed a $150 million funding round less as it looks to become the hub of an open web3.

DeFi API startup Conduit raises $17 million from Portage Ventures
Canadian startup Conduit has raised $17 million in a funding round led by Portage Ventures, according to a statement.

$50 million raised to fuel DeFi Alliance’s evolution into a decentralized autonomous organization
A crypto-focused startup accelerator is becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on web3 projects and initiatives.

Dogecoin leaps 25% after Musk announces DOGE payments for Tesla merch
The bullish news comes months after the billionaire entrepreneur said DOGE was a better token to transact with than Bitcoin.

Bitfinex advises Ontario-based users to close accounts before March 1
The Ontario Securities Commission has been responsible for cracking down on crypto exchanges operating in the region, including Binance, OKEx, Bybit, KuCoin and Polo Digital Assets.

A look at the airdrop and what went wrong
On Thursday evening, crypto information site launched an airdrop for members of the crypto community. Only, it didn’t go so well.

FTX Launches $2 Billion Web3 Venture Fund Led by Lightspeed’s Amy Wu
Wu plans wide-ranging crypto and blockchain investments for FTX Ventures, and will also oversee FTX’s gaming business.

CoinMarketCap allegedly lists 3 fake SHIB contract addresses, Twitter firestorm ensues
“Do not purchase SHIB from these addresses as your funds will be irreversibly lost,” said the team at Shiba Inu.

Monkey Kingdom NFT Collection’s new biggest fan is Steve Aoki
Monkey Kingdom gained a new fanatic this week and his name is Steve Aoki who bought his first Monkey Kingdom NFT.




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